Rev. Randall Barlow

Circuit Minister

I was born in extremely rural East Texas, deep in “the Piney Woods”, about 25 miles from the Louisiana border, and grew up on a small farm there. My family are good solid people who did not attend church in the years when I was growing up.  I had a profound encounter with Jesus Christ when I was 17, after friends at school invited me to the local Methodist Church.

In university I studied history and English literature, and then moved on to theology later. While at uni I was significantly influenced by the teaching of evangelist Bill Bright and Christian apologist/evangelist Josh McDowell, meeting the latter when he came to the campus.

I became a Methodist minister in East Texas and then went on a 12-month exchange to Britain when I was 26 years of age, and the rest is history.

I have been serving in circuits in the Hull and East Riding region for over twenty years now.

My wife Pauline and I both share a great interest in history (particularly British, American and Continental) as well as having a real engagement with the cultures and people of the Middle East (particularly Iran and Iraq, but other countries too) and sub-Saharan Africa.

I believe it is imperative that the church of the 21st Century is engaged overtly in mission, reaching the community around us, making new disciples and reaching out to people in need.