Rev Ann Rigby-Jones

Superintendent Minister

Hello everyone.

I am the Superintendent of the Hull Central and West Circuit and I took up my position in September, 2019. I have pastoral charge of Brough, Newport Methodist, and pastoral care of All Saints, South Cave, Christ Church, Swanland and Trinity Methodist.

I was born in Eccles into a Roman Catholic family. I always thought that God had work for me to do so I trained to be an R.E. and English secondary school teacher and taught in Hertfordshire and Surrey before becoming the R.E. coordinator in a middle school in Leeds. Reorganization meant that middle schools were phased out and I found myself the R.E. coordinator in a primary school on a challenging local authority estate. I was there for eleven years and spent all of my time teaching in Year Six.

Although I thought I had my life planned out it appears that God had other plans. While still teaching, I became a Methodist and felt a call to preach. Finding Methodism was like finding shoes that were a perfect fit. Once I had started my Local Preaching training, I felt the call to become a presbyter. I gave up teaching and began training for ministry at The Urban Theology Unit, Sheffield and The York Institute for Community Theology. Having gained an M.A. from York and St. John College, I began my ministry in the Delamere Forest Circuit where I met and married my husband Paul. Then I moved to the Wirral Circuit in 2009. During my ten years there I became Superintendent of what was then a 24 church Circuit.

I once heard someone say that mission was finding out what God was doing and helping God do it. This underpins my ministry; that through discipleship, fellowship, prayer and worship we continue to learn how we can build the Kingdom of God here in Hull. Everyone can know Jesus as their friend and Saviour and it for us to tell them by words and kindness.