"Spirit led, a heart for Jesus and a passion for mission"

New Initiatives

In response to this vision and the changing situation amongst our Churches, a number of initiatives have been supported.

These include:

Selby Street Mission

A new outreach effort is developing in the Boulevard area of the City based at our Selby Street Mission Church. The Church is being used for community engagement and seeking of new disciples.

People from the area and beyond ‘just keep on coming in’ and it’s great that people love it. Several changes have taken place in the building and there are all sorts of meetings through the week and on a Sunday. A number of other organisations are now actively involved and the Mission Church has become a Community Hub for Christian love and service.

“RHM” are delivering a 12 step recovery programme at Selby Street for those caught in addiction. And the “Lighthouse” organisation is based at Selby Street working with sex workers.


Pentecost Sunday

This is a Circuit get together embracing all our Churches and congregations which now happens each year to celebrate Pentecost. This is the Christian Festival recalling the first coming of the Holy Spirit and the start of the World Wide Church.

We have two services which respect either a modern celebration or a more traditional one. There is something special and meaningful about a large group of Christians getting together to praise and worship God in song and word.


Centres of Mission & Fellowship

There has been significant effect on some of our Churches as social, housing and population changes take place. For some of our Churches this has meant fewer people attending whilst others are more stable and are looking to grow.

We have designated our churches as Centres of Mission or Centres of Fellowship. The Centre of Mission designation indicate those churches which can demonstrate they are actively involved in the Circuit’s mission objectives. The designations are reviewed on a periodic basis.

All of our churches and their members are equally valued and cherished and this will always be the case. The designation of churches as Centres of Fellowship or Centres of Mission recognises that across our diverse Circuit, churches are at varying stages of their development and journey with Christ. Therefore, they have differing needs and requirements and the Circuit acknowledges this fact so that it can best deploy the limited resources that are available.”


Mosaic Church

Mosaic Church is located in North Hull on Endike Lane. It is a Church plant, developed from a partnership between the Methodist Church and the Pioneer Church Network. This an ongoing work which is attracting new people into the Church.

This new Church has the vision to be

A mosaic of people coming together in faith in Jesus

A mosaic of ministries working together to make a difference in our community and our city

A mosaic of expressions of church

A mosaic of partnerships with other churches for a common purpose.

See www.mosaicchurchhull.org.uk for more details