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Community Activities

Each Church has strong links with the people and organisations in its community. Many have Children’s and Youth clubs either with uniformed organisations or as stand alone. Also there are many activities for older people which include Luncheon Clubs and Leisure Days. Churches have regular cafes on the premises which are open most days providing an informal setting for people to have a rest and some good conversation whilst enjoying good and healthy food and drink.

In addition there are some churches (eg Willerby) that are seeking to care for those who have Dementia along with their carers. These have become a sharing time often around craft, music and singing. A specific new initiative has been started at two of our Churches (Cottingham and Derringham Bank ) in conjunction with the ‘Butterflies’ organisation which seeks to contact and help those suffering from Dementia.

In more recent times, there have been new and perhaps more pressing needs in our society which have prompted Christians to want to respond and show the love of God in action. So it is not surprising that various initiatives have come about based in and from churches seeking to provide help for those struggling with issues such as debt, homelessness and addiction, as well as those who are Asylum Seekers or feel trapped and isolated.

If you are interested in supporting these or many other such activities, then please do follow up through the contacts in each Church.


Open Doors

This is based at Princes Avenue Methodist Church offering a welcome and help for destitute asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers.

There is an open day each week which provides meals and food aid, along with free clothing and some limited financial help.

Free English Classes and advice about immigration and benefits are available alongside being linked with the British Red Cross. Volunteers are always welcome.


Street Angels

This is a small group of paid and volunteer workers based at Princes Avenue Methodist Church who go out into the nearby streets in the late evening and night to be available to help those who have found themselves in difficulty.

“We regularly work on Friday and Saturday from 9.00pm until the early hours serving the whole community, especially the frightened and the vulnerable.

Our volunteers are trained in First Aid, Conflict Management, Drug and Alcohol Awareness and much more.

We feed, clothe, listen, pray, anoint, wash feet and much more as a response to our calling.”


Hull Street Banquet and Nite Church

Our Deacon Jill Taylor is appointed to initiate Christian work in the City Centre of Hull.

Much of her work has been with homeless and needy people. She has created an opportunity to love and care for them through regular Street Banquets now based at Selby Street Mission, where hot meals are served in a friendly environment on the first Sunday of each month with numbers of 60 to 100 turning up.

Also there is opportunity to help at the Nite Church originally based at Holy Trinity Church in the Centre of Hull. At present because of all the “Paving Works” in the City Centre this is temporarily moved to Princes Avenue Church.

Much follow up work results from this and Jill has been able to base this at Selby Street Mission nearby.


Debt Counselling

Those caught with heavy debts can often feel weighed down by the burden, to the extent that they may think their situation is impossible.

We have trained counsellors to provide advice and guidance in seeking a real solution for those caught in such circumstances. We are linked in with CAP – Christians Against Poverty- which is an independent charity advising and helping many people across the country.

If you are seeking advice please do not hesitate to contact us in confidence



Butterflies is a voluntary organisation providing social activities for people who are experiencing memory loss or diagnosed with dementia, their carers and other family members.

They have teamed up with us and are seeking to offer a number of weekly and monthly drop in sessions based at two of our Churches – at Derringham Bank Methodist Church and Cottingham Methodist Church.

The emphasis in these sessions is on enjoying life, maintaining skills and experiencing new ones. In addition the groups holds carer information forums for main carers and the extended family.

Throughout the year they work across generational projects aimed at reducing stigma and raising awareness. A variety of day trips for our members to local stately homes, museums, the coast and theatres are also arranged.