Local Preachers & Worship Leaders

The Hull (Centre and West) Methodist Circuit has over 50 Local Preachers and worship leaders.

From the early days of Methodism, God has called lay people to lead in worship and prayer, and to preach the gospel. In every generation since, women and men have responded to this call and have been accepted as local preachers and worship leaders.

“The Church of Christ exists to glorify God the Father, who has revealed the way of salvation in the life, ministry and victory of Christ, and has given the Holy Spirit to inspire Christian proclamation and preaching.”

They are called to be worthy in character, to lead God’s people in prayer and praise, and to share in the Church’s mission in the whole world.

If you feel called by God to serve in any of these sorts of ways then please speak to your Church Minister. You should be aware that to become a Local Preacher or worship leader, will involve a considerable amount of assessment and training both written and in practical leading of worship and practice preaching with oversight, before becoming an accredited Local Preacher or worship leader.