Jargon Buster

Hopefully this site is pretty jargon free, but if there are any other words that you feel should be added, do let us know.

CircuitThe local group of churches
ConferenceThe yearly gathering of representatives where policy and Standing orders are formed and where direction of the church as a whole is formulated.
ConnexionThe larger connexion of Methodists
DeaconAn ordained person called by God to a life of service.
DistrictA regional group of Circuits
District ChairLeader of the district
Lay WorkerEmployee in various supporting roles
Local PastorNone ordained employee who supports a church
Local preacherTrained preacher
OrdainedTo be consecrated into ministry
PresbyterAn ordained minister in the Methodist Church (Methodist equivalent of a vicar)
Stewardoffice holder within the circuit or church
SuperintendentLeader of the circuit
SynodGathering of representatives at District level.
Worship leaderTrained leader of worship