Clowes Methodist Church

Sunday Services 10.30am and 6.30pm

Clowes Memorial Methodist Church is situated on the edge of the North Hull Estates. We have a membership of 29 and we have been serving the community faithfully for over 60 years. We have a mix of ages in our church family and we are keen to outreach to the community around us. This is brought into focus by our making a visible difference project where we are trying to make a visible difference in the fabric of the building to make it more attractive to community users but also at the same time making a visible difference out in the community whom we serve. We are a pastorally minded church and we are keen to care for all whom we meet and introduce them to Jesus in a real and relevant way.

We have Sunday club for the children in our church family and we also have smile which is a midweek alternative activity service. We have a number of groups for the whole church family and community to share in which happen right through the week.

Minister:  Minister Rev David Speirs
Address: Greenwood Avenue/First Avenue

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